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Pontederia cordata Pickerel rus Garut Pontederiaceae

Pontederia cordata, Pickerel rush, Garut


Pontederia cordata, Pickerel rush, Garut

A very frost-hardy, marginal water plant, it grows to 30 in Pontederia cordata, Pickerel rush, Garut(75 cm) with an 18 in (45 cm) spread. Its tapered, heart-shaped leaves are dark green and shiny.
It produces intense blue flowers in dense, terminal spikes.
Flowering colors: Blue
Cultivation: Easily grown, pickerel weed flourishes in almost any climate, from cold to subtropical.
Plant it in full sun in up to 10 in (25 cm) of water.
Only the spent flower stems need pruning, to encourage successive batches of flowers from spring to fall (autumn).
Propagate from seed or by division .