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Thalia  dealbata Water banana Garut air Marantaceae

Thalia dealbata, Water banana, Garut air


Thalia dealbata, Water banana, Garut air

This aquatic, deciduous perennial from the southeast of North America grows to 6 ft (1.8 m) in height with a spread of 24 in (60 cm) or more.
It carries leaves that are broadly elliptical to lanceolate, and have a mealy whitish coating.
Its stems are erect and unbranching.
The flowers, which occur in tall spikes, are violet and waxy, their 6 petals forming a narrow tube; they are borne in summer and are followed by decorative seed heads.
Flowering colors: Violet
Cultivation: Grow these plants in baskets of fertile, loamy soil or in deep, humus-rich mud in up to 20 in (50 cm) of water and in full sun; some species tolerate cool water. Pick off spent foliage.
Propagate from seed or by division in spring.