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Zea mays Sweet corn Jagung Gramineae

Zea mays, Sweet corn, Jagung

Zea mays, Sweet corn, Jagung, corn

This robust, erect annual grass grows to 12 ft (3.5 m) talZea mays, Sweet corn, Jagung, cornl and has arching, lance-shaped, waxy leaves.
It produces terminal panicles of male racemes to 8 in (20 cm) in length, and female inflorescences of the same length.
The flowers are followed by cobs with usually yellow, sweet, edible grains.
Golden Beauty is a much-admired cultivar.
Cultivation: Grow in full sun in fertile, moist, well-drained soil.
Propagate from seed .
They may be prone to aphids.
This genus consists of 4 species of annual and, rarely, perennial grasses from Central America. They bear terminal male panicles with solitary ‘ears’; the female inflorescences have numerous spikelets in rows on a thick axis.
The female flowers have a long silky style enclosed within a husk; these are followed by a cob of fleshy kernels.
There are ornamental cultivars as well as the cereal crops; these are grown for their variegated leaves and multicolored cobs.

Zea mays, Sweet corn, Jagung, corn Zea mays, Sweet corn, Jagung, corn Zea mays, Sweet corn, Jagung, corn