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Ageratum houstonianum Ageratum   Compositae

Ageratum houstonianum, Floss Flower


Ageratum houstonianum, Floss Flower

Ageratum houstonianum
Family name:
Native to Central America and the West Indies, this is the annual ageratum that is so popular as a summer bedding plant. It is available in tall (12 in [30 cm]), medium (8 in [20 cm]) and dwarf (6 in [15 cm]) sizes and forms clumps of foliage with fluffy flowers in an unusual dusky blue that blends effectively with many other bedding plants. Pink and white forms are also available.
Hardiness zone from 9 To 11
Plant Height approx. 30 cm
Flowering colors: Blue, Pink, White
Cultivation: Best grown in full sun in moist, well-drained soil. Regular deadheading is essential to prolong the flowering. Propagate by spring-sown seed, either raised indoors in containers or sown directly in the garden.