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Brachycome iberidifolia
Swan river daisy   Compositae


Brachycome iberidifolia, Swan river daisy

This daisy is a weak-stemmed annual, long grown as a bedding or border plant, that grows to a height and spread of around 12 in (30 cm), sometimes taller. It has deeply dissected leaves with very narrow segments. Small, fragrant, daisy-like flowerheads, normally mauve-blue but sometimes white, pink or purple, appear in great profusion in summer and early fall (autumn). Blue Star is a cultivar with massed small mauve to purple-blue flowers.
Hardiness zone from 9 To 11
Cultivation: They require a sunny situation and a light, well-drained garden soil.
Many are moderately frost hardy and some will tolerate coastal salt spray.
Do not over-water as they prefer dry conditions.
Pinch out early shoots to encourage branching.
Propagate from ripe seed or stem cuttings or by division in spring or fall (autumn).