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Anthurium Flamingo flower Anturium Araceae

Anthurium scherzeiianum, Flamingo flower, Anturium


Anthurium scherzeiianum, Flamingo flower, AnturiumFamily Araceae.
This is a huge and diverse genus of evergreen, shrubby or climbing epiphytes in the arum family, all from tropical America.
Familiar as florists plants and cut flowers are 2-3 species with typically brilliant red flat spathes held above broad leathery leaves; selection and breeding has broadened the range of colors to include white, pink and orange.
The actual flowers are the tiny bumps gathered around the central spadix.
Cultivation: Plant in a humid position, in well-drained, peaty soil in full or part-shade out of the wind.
Keep soil moist but not soggy.
Propagate from rhizomes.
Potted plants need dividing and repotting every few years.