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Sinningia, Gloxinia


Sinningia, Gloxinia	This genus of tuberous perennials and deciduous or evergreen shrubs from Central and South America includes the flowershop gloxinias. The flowers can be as much as 4 in (10 cm) across and come in the richest shades of blue, violet, pink or red, usually with their throats mottled in white or paler shades of the main color and their petals edged in white or a pale color. They make spectacular pot plants, each plant carrying as many as 20 flowers at the center of a rosette of coarsely velvety leaves. Unfortunately they are useless as garden plants because when rain fills the trumpets they collapse.
Plant Height approx. 30 cm
Flowering colors: Blue, Pink, Purple, Red, Violet, White
Cultivation: Species of Sinningia prefer a humid atmosphere with bright light but not direct sun and moist, peaty soil. The leaves die down after flowering, after which the tubers can be dried out and stored in a frost-free area. Propagate from seed in spring or from stem cuttings in late spring or summer.