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Tapeinocheilos ananassae Indonesian Wax Ginger   Zingiberaceae

Tapeinocheilos-ananassae,Indonesian Wax Ginger,Zingiberaceae,


Tapeinocheilos-ananassae,Indonesian Wax Ginger,Zingiberaceae,

Tapeinocheilos ananassae
Tapeinocheilos queenslandiae
As the botanical name suggests, this species resembles a hard, scarlet pineapple, but without the deep green fronds at the top. The flower spike rises about 15 in (38 cm) directly from the ground and is overtopped by the considerably taller stems, which carry the foliage. The scarlet bracts almost hide the small, tubular, yellow flowers.
Cultivation: These frost-tender plants need heat and humidity to thrive. Plant in part-shade in humus-rich soil. Propagate from seed or bulbils, or by division in spring.