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Laurentia longiflora Star of bethlehem   Campanulaceae

Laurentia longiflora, Star of bethlehem


Laurentia longiflora, Star of bethlehem	Synonyms: Isotoma longiflora Laurentia longiflora
Common names:
English: star of Bethlehem, fetia, madamfate
Description: Herb with rosette of narrow sessile oblanceolate coarsely pinnatilobed leaves mostly 10-15 cm long, up to 3-4 cm wide near apex; flowers white, on 2 cm pubescent pedicel; calyx to 3 cm long; corolla usually 8-11 cm long, plus the 2-2.5 cm long lobes; anthers apically bearded; capsule campanulate, pubescent, 2-celled, nearly 2 cm long, over 1 cm thick; seeds many, ovate, reticulate, light brown, minute
Propagation: Seed.