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Helichrysum monstrosum Helichrysum   Asteraceae

Helichrysum monstrosum, Straw flower


Helichrysum monstrosum, Straw flower	Common name(s):
Paper daisy
As understood until recently, this is a genus of around 500 species of annuals, perennials and shrubs, their highest concentration being in southern Africa followed by Australia, with smaller numbers in the Mediterranean, west and central Asia, and New Zealand. Belonging to the daisy family, they all have in common flowerheads with no ray-florets or petals but instead papery, mostly whitish bracts that are long-lasting when dried, hence the common names.
Hardiness zone from 7 To 11
Plant Spread From approx. 30 To 180 cm
Plant Height From approx. 30 To 150 cm
Flowering colors: Cream, Crimson, Green, White, Yellow
Cultivation: Most species will tolerate only light frosts and are best suited to mild climates with low summer humidity, but a few are more frost hardy. They are mostly rock garden plants, requiring gritty, well-drained soil that is not too fertile and a warm, sunny position. A few, such as Helichrysum petiolare and H. splendidum are more adaptable as border shrubs or ground covers.
Propagate from seed, cuttings, or rhizome divisions.