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Agave americana Agave Americana Agave Amerika Amaryllidaceae

Agave Americana, American aloe, Agave, Agave Amerika


Agave Americana, American aloe, Agave, Agave AmerikaFamily Amaryllidacaea.
From Mexico, this species consists of large, stemless rosettes of stiff, dull gray leaves with sharp tips and teeth.
Each rosette grows to a height and spread of 6 ft (1.8 m) but an old clump may be 30 ft (9 m) or more across. The plant bears masses of yellow flowers on a branched flower stem rising to 20 ft (6 m) when about 10 years old.
Popular cultivars include Marginata with yellow-edged leaves and Medio-picta with a broad yellow stripe down the center of the leaves.
Cultivation: Plant in a well-drained, gritty soil in full sun.
Water regularly in summer.
Propagate from offsets or from seed