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Aloe vera Burn plant Lida buaya Liliaceae

Aloe vera, Burn plant,  Lidah buaya


Aloe vera, Burn plant,  Lidah buayaRenowned for its medicinal qualities, this widely cultivated, short-stemmed species is believed to have originated in Arabia or northern Africa.
It grows to 24 in (60 cm) high and has rosettes of long, thick, lance-shaped, grayish-green leaves with small whitish teeth on the margins.
In summer, small yellow flowers appear in spikes up to 3 ft (1 m) high.
Its syrupy leaf juice is used in skin care products and for treatment of burns.
Flowering colors: Yellow
Cultivation: Nearly all aloes prefer a warm dry climate and well-drained soil.
Grow the larger species in full sun, the smaller types in part-shade.
Propagate from offsets or stem cuttings.
Infestation by mealybug can be a problem.