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Echeveria crenulata Echeveria Kayu bulan Crassulaceae

Echeveria crenulata, Echeveria, Kayu bulan

Echeveria crenulata, Echeveria, Kayu bulan	Native to the Americas, This large genus contains over 150 speciesThey grow in perfectly symmetrical, basal rosettes or as multi-stemmed bushes up to 3 ft (1 m) tall. These plants have pulpy, usually, sleek-edged leaves that are particularly vivid during the colder months; some plants, for example, the hybrids Baron Bold and Delight have attractive crimped-edged leaves. Bell-shaped to cylindrical flowers bloom at different times of the year. Hardiness zone from 8 To 11.Flowering colors: Blue, Pink, Red, Scarlet, Yellow
Cultivation: Marginally frost hardy to frost tender, Echeveria requires full sun or semi-shade, very porous soil and plenty of water from spring to late summer reducing to little or none in winter. Propagate from seed, offsets or cuttings, or by division in spring and summer.