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Yucca aliofolia Yucca   Liliaceae

Yucca aliofolia, Yucca, Yuka


Yucca aliofolia, Yucca, Yuka

The 40 or so species of unusual evergreen shrubs and trYucca aliofolia, Yucca, Yukaees in this genus are found in drier regions of North America.
Often slow growing, they form rosettes of stiff, sword-like leaves usually tipped with a formidable spine; as the plants mature some species develop an upright woody trunk, often branched, which are much admired for their strong dramatic shapes.
Yuccas bear showy, tall panicles of drooping, white or off-white, bell- to cup-shaped flowers.
The fruits are either fleshy or dry capsules, but in most species are rarely seen away from the plants native lands as the flowers must be pollinated by the yucca moth.
Flowering colors: Brown, Cream, Green, Purple, Red, White
Cultivation: Yuccas do best in areas of low humidity; they prefer full sun and sandy soil with good drainage.