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Clerodendron thomsonia
Bleeding heart
Nona makan siri Verbenaceae

Clerodendron  thomsonia, Bleeding heart, Nona makan siri


Clerodendron  thomsonia, Bleeding heart, Nona makan siri A climbing, shrub from western tropical Africa, the popularity of this species derives from the clusters of deep crimson summer flowers emerging from pure white, bell-shaped calyces contrasted by large, oval, deep green leaves.
The calyces persist in fruit, turning dull pinkish.
Reaching 10 ft (3 m) in height, it requires high humidity.
Cultivation: They all appreciate a sunny position, though sheltered from strong wind and the hottest summer sun, and deep, moist, fertile soil.
Propagation from cuttings, which strike readily under heat; or many species sucker from the roots and a large root cutting can produce much quicker results.