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Stephanotus floribunda Bride wreath Kembang emas Asclepiadaceae
Stephanotus-floribunda, Bride wreath, Kembang emas

Stephanotus-floribunda, Bride wreath, Kembang emasWax flower,
Bridal wreath,
Madagascar jasmine
This evergreen climber from Madagascar can grow to a height and spread of 10 ft (3 m). It is grown for its pleasant fragrance and attractive foliage of paired, waxy, deep green leaves. The pure white flowers appear in clusters of about 4 blooms.
Position: Semi-Shaded
Cultivation: Plant in moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist but well-drained soil in filtered sunlight as full sun will burn the flowers.
The stems need to be supported and shortened in spring if they become overcrowded. Propagate from seed in spring or cuttings in summer.