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Lonicera japonica Japanese honeysuckle Ranggis Caprifoliaceae

Lonicera japonica,  Japanese honeysucle, Ranggis


Lonicera japonica,  Japanese honeysucle, Ranggis

This vigorous climber from eastern Asia, growing to 30 ft Lonicera japonica,  Japanese honeysucle, Ranggis	 (9 m), has glossy, dark green leaves.
Pairs of fragrant white flowers, ageing yellow or sometimes purple tinged, appear ; black berries follow.
This species can become an invasive weed, although it is very useful as a ground cover or to quickly hide fences and posts. Aurea-reticulata has attractive, gold-veined leaves but bears only a few flowers; Halliana with bright green oval leaves and perfumed, small white flowers that age to yellow, has been used in Chinese medicine since the Tang dynasty in 659 ad.
Flowering colors: Purple, White, Yellow
Cultivation: They are plants of temperate climates, easily grown in sun or light shade and not fussy about soil. They benefit from regular pruning to keep them from becoming hopeless tangles.
Propagate from seed or from cuttings .
Watch for aphids.