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Asplenium nidus
Nest fern
Paku sarang burung Polypodiaceae

Asplenium nidus, Nest fern, Sarang burung


Asplenium nidus, Nest fern, Sarang burungThis pantropical, epiphytic fern colonises trees, rock faces and boulders in humid, tropical rainforests.
The glossy green, thin, tongue-like fronds have wavy margins and a prominent, almost black midrib.
They arise from a densely hairy crown in a radial fashion, somewhat resembling a birds nest.
It requires warmth and ample humidity.
Asplenium australasicum is a very similar species, adapted to slightly cooler conditions.
Cultivation: Hardiness varies greatly with the species, as does the preferred growing environment. Most species prefer woodland conditions with cool, moist, humus-rich soil and dappled shade.
A few species, however, need sunnier locations and are reasonably tolerant of dry conditions.
Propagate by spores, by division of established clumps, removing rooted pieces of rhizomes, or by growing on the frond-borne plantlets.