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Nephrolepis cordifolia Sword fern   Polypodioceae

Nephrolepis cordifolia, Fishbone fern


Nephrolepis cordifolia, Fishbone fern

Naturally found among rocks at the edges of rainfoNephrolepis cordifolia, Fishbone fern	rests, this fast-growing fern can survive in fairly dry and dark positions as well as in full sun.
It is one of the toughest species in cultivation and a very easily grown plant—so much so that it can become a pest. Fronds grow to 3 ft (1 m). Plumosa is a slow-growing cultivar with lobed pinnae.
Position: Sunny, Shaded, Semi-Shaded
Cultivation: They are extremely tolerant of dry conditions and are fast growing, provided they are given enough room to spread out and have well-composted, moist soil.
Propagate from spores or tissue culture, or by division.