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Hibiscus cameronii

Hibiscus cameronii | Pink Hibiscus cameroniiHibiscus, Cameron's Hibiscus

Hibiscus cameronii is endemic to Madagascar. This species was named in honor of David Cameron, curator of the Birmingham Horticultural Society in England during the 1830s. This is a soft-wooded shrub 1-2m tall with palmate 3-7 lobed leaves. The cup-shaped flowers are 7.5 to 10cm in diameter. Flowers have prominent veining and a red-purple spot at the base of the petals. The staminal column is red, and curved downward. Suitable for warmer areas only, Hibiscus cameronii is an attractive free flowering shrub that requires occasional light pruning. It can be grown from soft tip cuttings taken in summer or by seed sown in spring. A sunny location and light well-drained are best since Hibiscus cameronii is susceptible to root-rot in poorly drained soils.

Some references claim there is a close relationship between Hibiscus cameronii and the Hibiscus rosa-sinensis complex of varieties and that they may be intercrossed. This is unlikely since Hibiscus cameroni belongs to a section other than Lilibiscus. It seems that early on, a Lilibiscus seedling (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis hybrid) was named 'Cameroni' and this was the source of all the confusion. To add to the confusion, some older references also refer to Hibiscus cameronii as 'cameroni', however, according to the IPNI website, cameronii is the correct spelling.