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Hibiscus costatus

Hibiscus costatus | AlHibiscus costatusgodoncillo, Baba de Perro, Hibisco de Sabana

Representatives of Hibiscus section Furcaria are found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world including Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia and some Pacific Islands. Section Furcaria consists of about 60 species, with at least 17 of these from the Americas.

Hibiscus costatus is a perennial shrub to 1.5m tall, found in Cuba, southern Mexico and Central America. It grows in evergreen forest, oak woodland, savanna, scrub, often in wet or sandy places. The solitary flowers are pink, and in warmer areas Hibiscus costatus flowers throughout the year. In Cuba and Mexico there are a variety of common names including: Algodoncillo, Baba de Perro, and Hibisco de Sabana.

DOG'S SALIVA: Name given in the barrio de Cerro de Cabras (Pinar del Río) to Hibiscus costatus, A. Rich., a wild malvaceae with big, pink flowers. The name is due to the large quantity of mucilage that the stems have. V. Savanna Hibiscus.

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