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Hibiscus diriffan

Hibiscus diriffan is enHibiscus diriffandemic to the island of Soqotra. The Soqotran Archipelago is a group of islands in the Arabian Sea belonging to Yemen. Hibiscus diriffan is distributed on the southern limestone plateaus of the island, from Diksam to Wadi Irih and extending onto the granitic slopes of the Haggeher mountains. It can be found growing at altitudes of 201,300m and is common in several vegetation types. According to a 2004 IUCN asessment, this is a species of "least comcern", and considered to be under no present or perceived threat.

Hibiscus diriffan has bright yellow flowers and small gray-green leaves. It is similar to another Soqotran endemic, Hibiscus quattanensis but differs in the densely stellate-hairy not glabrescent pedicels, epicalyx and calyx. The leaves are also narrower with a distinctly cordate base and crenate margins, and have a tendency to become lobed.