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Why I made this book...

The people who can afford books about gardening
live nearly all in the "cold " and sub tropical countries:
North America, Europe and Japan.
Between the tropic of cancer, the tropics
are the most populated countries of the world with people
with the lowest income.
Who will write books for them?
Those people live from sea level up to 1000 meters. That's from climate zone 12 till 10
but mostly in 12, the hottest place on earth
(average from day and night temperature whole year around).
A difference of 10 degrees Celsius makes chemical reactions 3 times quicker.
The average temperature is here 3 times higher than in western Europe,
so the plants grow here 9 times quicker...
Zone 12 is from sea level till 500 meters,
zone 11  from 500 till 1000 meters,
zone 10 from 1000 till 1500 meters..
In Europe zone 10 only exist in Cyprus, South Sicily and Gibraltar
In the United States, the Southern tip of California, Florida and Hawaii...
The nurseries in Indonesia are mostly located in zone 10 because there everything will grow.
When the plants are blooming,
they bring them down,
because their livelihood depends on the people who buy the plants.
All the plants which are not from zone 12 will slowly die there...
I tried to grow nearly all the plants in this book, at least once….
So when you don't want to make mistakes,
look at my “climate buttons” in green for every plant..
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