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Laelia gouldiana Gould's Laelia


Gould's Laelia , Laelia gouldiana


Laelia gouldiana Rchb.f 1888

Common Name Gould's Laelia [New York Financier 1800's]

Flower Size 3 1/5" [8 cm] , Fragrant

Found in Hidalgo state of Mexico in the mountains as a small to medium sized, cool to hot growing epiphyte with fusiform, somewhat compressed pseudobulbs enveloped basally by 4 to 6 scarious sheaths and carrying 2 to 3, erect, lanceolate, bright green leaves where it is extinct in the wild and perhaps the best of the Mexican Laelias, and blooms on an apical, erect, inflorescence emerge in the fall growing to 30" [75 cm] and carrying up to 10 well-rounded magenta/red 3" blooms that are awesome, lip is violet/red with a red-veined white center and a yellow keel, mildly fragrant, grows as easily as L. anceps all occuring in the fall and winter