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Bifrenaria aureo-fulva Golden-Red-Yellow Bifrenaria 


Golden-Red-Yellow Bifrenaria  , Bifrenaria aureofulva


Bifrenaria aureo-fulva [Hooker] Lindley 1843

Common Name The Golden-Red-Yellow Bifrenaria

Flower Size 1" [2.5 cm]

This one bounces back and forth to Stenocoryne so the info is in both spots

A small sized, hot to warm growing epiphytic orchid from Central to Southern Coastal Brazil found at elevations of 200 to 1500 meters in mountainous rain forests , with conic-tetragon pseudobulbs that are initially enveloped basally by leafless sheaths, later bare, They carry a single, apical, coriaceous, plicate, oblong-lanceolate, acuminate leaf that blooms in the summer on a basal, erect to pendulous, 5 to 12" [12 to 30 cm] long, few to several [3 to 15] flowered inflorescence arising on a newly maturing pseudobulb and carries nodding, fragrant blooms. This species can be mounted on tree fern, or in a pot with a fast draining medium, cool to warm temperatures, bright light and plenty of water while growing and a dry rest in the winter.

Synonyms Adipe aureofulva (Hook.) M. Wolfe 1990; Bifrenaria secunda [Vell.] Hoehne 1967; Epidendrum secundum Vell. 1881; *Maxillaria aureo-fulva Hooker 1838; Maxillaria stenopetala Knowles & Westcott 1838; Stenocoryne aureofulva [Hooker]Kraenzl. 1896; Stenocoryne secunda [Vell]Hoehne 1944