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Bifrenaria inodora Odorless Bifrenaria


Odorless Bifrenaria , Bifrenaria inodora


Bifrenaria inodora Lindl. 1843

Common Name The Odorless Bifrenaria

Flower Size 3" [7.5 cm]

A sometimes fragrant, medium sized, hot to cool growing epiphyte with 4 angled pseudobulbs carrying a single, tough, dark green, plicate leaf that blooms in the late springh through summer in Brazil on a short to 3" [7.5 cm], basal, racemose, semi-erect, inflorescence with up to 2 heavy, waxy, fragrant or not, long-lasting flowers. Found in Brazil in the southern states of Espiritu Santo to Rio G. do Sul in montane rainforests at elevations of 50 to 1000 meters and in general can be differentiated from other Bifrenaria because of the long midlobe which is twice as long as wide.