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Calanthe 25 pages

Calanthe angustifolia
Narrow Leafed Calanthe
Calanthe arcuata
Arched Inflorescence Calanthe
Calanthe argenteostriata
Silvery Striped Calanthe
Calanthe arisanensis
Mt. A-Li-Shan Calanthe 
Calanthe cardioglossa
Heart-Shaped Lip Calanthe
Calanthe conspicua
Handsome Calanthe
Calanthe davidii
David's Calanthe
Calanthe graciliflora
Graceful Flowered Calanthe
Calanthe hancockii
Hancock's Calanthe 
Calanthe hirsuta
Hairy Calanthe
Calanthe hennisii
Hennis's Calanthe
Calanthe herbacea
Herb-Like Calanthe
Calanthe hololeuca
Completely White Calanthe
Calanthe izu-insularis
Izu Calanthe
Calanthe kemulensis
Kong Kemul Calanthe
Calanthe lyroglossa
Lute-Shaped Lip Calanthe
Calanthe rosea
 Pink Calanthe
Calanthe rubens
Reddish Calanthe
Calanthe speciosa
Splendid Calanthe
Calanthe sylvatica
Forest-Dwelling Calanthe
Calanthe transiens
Blooming Fleetingly Calanthe
Calanthe tricarinata
Three Keeled Calanthe
Calanthe triplicata
Thrice Folded Calanthe
Calanthe vestita
Calanthe that is Surrounded by Bracts
Calanthe zollingeri
Zollinger's Calanthe




Calanthe abbreviata
Calanthe aceras
Calanthe actinomorpha
Calanthe albolutea
Calanthe aleizettii
Calanthe alismifolia
Calanthe alpina
Calanthe alta
Calanthe angustifolia
Calanthe angustifolia var. angustifolia.
Calanthe angustifolia var. flava
Calanthe anthropophora
Calanthe arcuata
Calanthe arfakana
Calanthe argenteostriata
Calanthe arisanensis
Calanthe aristulifera
Calanthe aruank
Calanthe atjehensis
Calanthe aurantiaca
Calanthe aureiflora
Calanthe bicalcarata
Calanthe bicalcarata var. bicalcarata.
Calanthe bicalcarata var. depressa
Calanthe biloba
Calanthe brevicornu
Calanthe breviflos
Calanthe calanthoides
Calanthe camptoceras
Calanthe cardioglossa
Calanthe carrii
Calanthe caulescens
Calanthe caulodes
Calanthe chevalieri
Calanthe chloroleuca
Calanthe chrysoglossoides
Calanthe chrysoleuca
Calanthe clavata
Calanthe clavicalcar
Calanthe cleistogama
Calanthe coelogyniformis
Calanthe coiloglossa
Calanthe conspicua
Calanthe coreana
Calanthe cremeoviridis
Calanthe crenulata
Calanthe cruciata
Calanthe crumenata
Calanthe davaensis
Calanthe davidii
Calanthe densiflora
Calanthe dipteryx
Calanthe discolor
Calanthe disticha
Calanthe dulongensis
Calanthe duyana
Calanthe ecallosa
Calanthe ecarinata
Calanthe emeishanica
Calanthe engleriana
Calanthe engleriana var. brevicalcarata
Calanthe engleriana var. engleriana.
Calanthe englishii
Calanthe ensifolia
Calanthe epiphytica
Calanthe esquirolei
Calanthe fargesii
Calanthe cheniana
Calanthe finisterrae
Calanthe fissa
Calanthe flava
Calanthe flava var. flava.
Calanthe flava var. rubra
Calanthe forbesii
Calanthe fragrans
Calanthe fulgens
Calanthe geelvinkensis
Calanthe gibbsiae
Calanthe graciliflora
Calanthe graciliscapa
Calanthe griffithii
Calanthe halconensis
Calanthe hancockii
Calanthe hattorii
Calanthe hennisii
Calanthe henryi
Calanthe herbacea
Calanthe hirsuta
Calanthe hololeuca
Calanthe hoshii
Calanthe hyacinthina
Calanthe imthurnii
Calanthe inflata
Calanthe izu-insularis
Calanthe johorensis
Calanthe jusnerii
Calanthe kawakamiense
Calanthe kaniensis
Calanthe kemulensis
Calanthe keshabii
Calanthe kinabaluensis
Calanthe labellicauda
Calanthe labrosa
Calanthe lacerata
Calanthe lechangensis
Calanthe leucosceptrum
Calanthe leucosceptrum var. bisubulifera
Calanthe leucosceptrum var. leucosceptrum.
Calanthe limprichtii
Calanthe longibracteata
Calanthe longifolia
Calanthe lutiviridis
Calanthe lyroglossa
Calanthe lyroglossa var. longibracteata
Calanthe lyroglossa var. lyroglossa.
Calanthe madagascariensis
Calanthe mannii
Calanthe maquilingensis
Calanthe maxii
Calanthe mcgregorii
Calanthe metoensis
Calanthe micrantha
Calanthe microglossa
Calanthe moluccensis
Calanthe monophylla
Calanthe muelleri
Calanthe nankunensis
Calanthe nicolae
Calanthe nipponica
Calanthe nivalis
Calanthe oblanceolata
Calanthe obreniformis
Calanthe odora
Calanthe oreadum
Calanthe otuhanica
Calanthe ovalifolia
Calanthe ovata
Calanthe papuana
Calanthe parvilabris
Calanthe pauciverrucosa
Calanthe pavairiensis
Calanthe petelotiana
Calanthe pilosa
Calanthe plantaginea
Calanthe plantaginea var. lushuiensis
Calanthe plantaginea var. plantaginea.
Calanthe polyantha
Calanthe puberula
Calanthe pulchra
Calanthe pullei
Calanthe rajana
Calanthe reflexilabris
Calanthe rhodochila
Calanthe rhodochila var. reconditiflora
Calanthe rhodochila var. rhodochila.
Calanthe rigida
Calanthe rosea
Calanthe rubens
Calanthe ruttenii
Calanthe saccata
Calanthe sacculata
Calanthe salaccensis
Calanthe sanderiana
Calanthe seranica
Calanthe shelfordii
Calanthe shweliensis
Calanthe simplex
Calanthe sinica
Calanthe spathoglottoides
Calanthe speciosa
Calanthe stenophylla
Calanthe stevensiana
Calanthe striata
Calanthe succedanea
Calanthe sylvatica
Calanthe taenioides
Calanthe tahitensis
Calanthe tenuis
Calanthe torricellensis
Calanthe transiens
Calanthe triantherifera
Calanthe tricarinata
Calanthe trifida
Calanthe triplicata
Calanthe trulliformis
Calanthe truncata
Calanthe truncicola
Calanthe tsoongiana
Calanthe uncata
Calanthe undulata
Calanthe unifolia
Calanthe vaginata
Calanthe velutina
Calanthe ventilabrum
Calanthe versteegii
Calanthe vestita
Calanthe villosa
Calanthe whiteana
Calanthe yuana
Calanthe yuksomnensis
Calanthe zollingeri
Calanthe commonly abbreviated Cal. in horticulture is a widespread genus of terrestrial orchids (family Orchidaceae) with some 170 species.

The genus is divided into 2 groups deciduous species and evergreen ones. Calanthe species are found in all tropical areas, but mostly concentrated in Asia; some species also range into subtropical and tropical lands such as Taiwan, India and Madagascar. C. discolor is a well-known species found in Japan, the southern part of Korea and China; its vernacular name ebine (海老根) means "shrimp-root" in reference to the shape of the plant's pseudobulbs and root system.

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