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Cattleya 41 Pages


Cattleya aclandiae
 Lady Ackland's Cattleya

Cattleya amethystoglossa
Amethest Lipped Cattleya
Cattleya araguaiensis 
Araguaia Cattleya
Cattleya aurantiaca 
Orange Cattleya
Cattleya aurea
Golden Yellow Cattleya
Cattleya bicolor
 Bicolored Cattleya
Cattleya bowringiana
Bowring's Cattleya
Cattleya quadricolor
Four-colored Cattleya
Cattleya elongata
Cattleya with the Elongated Stalk
 Cattleya forbesii
Forbes' Cattleya
 Cattleya gaskelliana
Gaskell's Cattleya
  Cattleya granulosa
 Granulose Cattleya
Cattleya guttata
Spotted Cattleya
 Cattleya harrisoniana
Harrison's Cattleya
Cattleya intermedia
Intermediate Cattleya
Cattleya iricolor
Rainbow-colored Cattleya
 Cattleya kerrii
Kerr's Cattleya
Cattleya labiata
Ruby Lipped Cattleya
Cattleya lawrenceana
Sir Trevor Lawrence's Cattleya
Cattleya loddigesii
Loddiges' Cattleya
Cattleya lueddemanniana
Lueddemann's Cattleya
Cattleya luteola
Pale Yellow Cattleya
Cattleya maxima
Greatest Cattleya
Cattleya mendelii
 Mendel's Cattleya
Cattleya mooreana
Moore's Cattleya
Cattleya mossiae
Mrs. Moss' Cattleya
Cattleya nobilior
Noble Cattleya
Cattleya patinii 
Patin's Cattleya
Cattleya percivaliana
Percival's Cattleya
Cattleya porphyroglossa
 Purple Lipped Cattleya
Cattleya rex
King of the Cattleyas
Cattleya schilleriana
Schiller's Cattleya
Cattleya schofieldiana
Schofeld's Cattleya
Cattleya schroederae
Schroeder's Cattleya
Cattleya skinneri
Skinner's Cattleya
Cattleya tenuis
Slender Stemmed Cattleya
Cattleya trianaei
Triana's Cattleya
Cattleya velutina
Velvety Cattleya
Cattleya violacea
Violet Cattleya
Cattleya walkeriana
Walker's Cattleya
Cattleya warscewiczii
Warscewicz's Cattleya




Originally, the concept Cattleya included a requirement that the pollinarium contain only four pollinia. Starting some time after December, 2000, the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) began re-organizing the generic boundaries with respect to hybrid registration. This has led to multiple senses of the term Cattleya, not only with respect to species, but also with respect to hybrids.


C. aclandiae : Lady Ackland's Cattleya (Brazil)
C. amethystoglossa : Amethyst-lipped Cattleya (Brazil)
C. araguaiensis : Cattleya from Araguaia river (Brazil)
C. aurantiaca : Orange Cattleya (Mexico to C. America)
C. aurea : Golden-yellow Cattleya (S. Panama to Colombia).
C. bicolor : Bicolored Cattleya (SE. Brazil)
Cattleya bicolor subsp. bicolor (Brazil). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cattleya bicolor subsp. canastrensis (Brazil) . Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cattleya bicolor subsp. minasgeraiensis (Brazil). Pseudobulb epiphyte
C. bowringiana : Bowring's Cattleya (Mexico to Honduras)
C. candida (Colombia).
C. dormaniana : Dorman's Cattleya (Brazil)
C. dowiana : Queen of the Cattleyas, Dow's Cattleya (Costa Rica).
C. elongata : Cattleya with the Elongated Stalk (Brazil). 2n = 80[3]
C. forbesii : Forbes' Cattleya (Brazil)
C. gaskelliana : Gaskell's Cattleya (Colombia to Trinidad).
C. granulosa : Granulose Cattleya (Brazil)
C. guttata : Spotted Cattleya (Brazil).
C. harrisoniana : Harrison's Cattleya (SE. Brazil).
C. intermedia : Intermediate Cattleya (SE. & S. Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay).
C. intermedia var. orlata
C. iricolor : Rainbow-colored Cattleya (Ecuador to Peru).
C. jenmanii : Jenman's Cattleya (Venezuela to Guyana).
C. kerrii : Kerr's Cattleya (Brazil).
C. labiata : Crimson Cattleya, Ruby-lipped Cattleya,
C. lawrenceana : named for Sir Trevor Lawrence (Venezuela, Guyana, N. Brazil).
C. loddigesii : named for the Loddiges brothers (SE. Brazil to NE. Argentina).
Cattleya loddigesii subsp. loddigesii (SE. Brazil to NE. Argentina).
Cattleya loddigesii subsp. purpurea (Brazil). Pseudobulb epiphyte
C. lueddemanniana : Lueddemann's Cattleya (N. Venezuela).
C. luteola : named for the pale yellow flowers (N. Brazil, Ecuador to Bolivia).
C. maxima : Christmas Flower, named for the large flowers (Venezuela to Peru).
C. mendelii : named for Mendel (NE. Colombia).
C. mooreana : named for Moore (Peru).
C. mossiae : Easter Orchid, named for Mrs. Moss (N. Venezuela)
C. nobilior : More noble Cattleya (WC. Brazil to Bolivia).
C. patinii : named for Patin (Costa Rica to Venezuela, Trinidad)
C. percivaliana : Christmas orchid, named for Percival (Colombia to W. Venezuela).
C. porphyroglossa : Purple-lipped Cattleya (Brazil).
C. rex : King of the Cattleyas (Colombia to N. Peru).
C. schilleriana : named for Consul Schiller (Brazil).
C. schofieldiana : named for Schofield (Brazil)
C. schroederae : Easter Orchid, named for Baroness Schröder (NE. Colombia).
C. skinneri : Flower of San Sebastian,  (SE. Mexico to C. America) == Guarianthe skinneri, see Guarianthe
C. tenuis : Slender-stemmed Cattleya (NE. Brazil).
C. tigrina (SE. & S. Brazil).
C. trianae : Dr. Triana's Cattleya (Colombia).
C. velutina : Velvety Cattleya (Brazil) 2n = 40[4]
C. violacea : Superba of the Orinoco, Brazil, Guyana,
C. walkeriana : Walker's Cattleya (WC. & SE. Brazil).
C. wallisii: "Wallis' Cattleya" (N. Brazil).
C. warneri : Warner's Cattleya (E. Brazil).
C. warscewiczii : Warscewicz's Cattleya (Colombia).

Named after William Cattleya. These orchids are the most sumptuous and exotic of all and are chosen for corsages. In nature there are about 50 species each of Cattleya and of Laelia from Central America, growing through the Amazon region to the south of Brazil. Many cattleya hybrids in the broad sense have other related genera in their parentage as x Brassocattleya, x Brassolaeliocattleya, x Laeliocattleya, x Sophrolaeliocattleya.

Their distinctive flowers and the tendency of these plants to grow in large colonies has meant that they have been vigorously over-collected and the status of many is endangered. The plants produce strong pseudo bulbs' topped with one or more leathery leaves. Each year a dormant bud at the base grows into a new shoot. This thickens to produce the current year's pseudo bulb. The flowers arise from the tip of the current year's growth and come in a range of colors. Some flower twice a year.

Cattleya is a genus of 113 species of orchids from Costa Rica to tropical South America. The genus was named in 1824 by John Lindley after Sir William Cattley who received and successfully cultivated specimens of Cattleya labiata that were used as packing material in a shipment of other orchids made by William Swainson. The genus is abbreviated C in trade journals.

They are widely known for their large, showy flowers, and were used extensively in hybridization for the cut-flower trade until quite recently. This genus and the numerous hybrids come close, through their beauty, to the idealized picture we have of the orchids. The flowers of the hybrids can vary in size from 5 cm to 15 cm or more. They occur in all colors except true blue and black.

The typical flower has three rather narrow sepals and three usually broader petals : two petals are similar to each other, and the third is the quite different conspicuous lip, featuring various markings and specks and an often frilly margin. At the base, the margins are folded into a tube. Each flower stalk originates from a pseudobulb. The number of flowers varies; it can be just one or two, or sometimes up to ten.


Sensu MMX

In 2009, the genus Sophronitis was merged into Cattleya, adding the following species (some of which belong to the genus Sophronitis sensu MCMXCIX, and many of which belong to the genus Laelia sensu MCMXCIX:
Cattleya (Sophronitis) coccinea

C. acuensis (Fowlie) Van den Berg, 2008: Açu Sophronitis (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro).
C. alaorii (Brieger & Bicalho 1976) Van den Berg 2008: Alaor's Laelia (Brazil - Bahia).
C. alagoensis (V.P.Castro & Chiron) Van den Berg 2008: (Brazil - Alagoas)
C. alvaroana (F.E.L.Miranda 1999) Van den Berg 2008: (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro).
C. angereri (Pabst 1975) Van den Berg 2008: Angerer's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. bicalhoi (Rchb.f. 1876) Van den Berg 2008: Day's Laelia (Brazil - S. Minas Gerais to Rio de Janeiro).
C. blumenscheinii (Pabst 1975) Van den Berg 2008: Blumenschein's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. bradei (Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: Brade's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. brevicaulis (H.G.Jones 1972) Van den Berg 2008: Short stemmed Hoffmannseggella (Brazil).
C. brevipedunculata ((Cogn. 1902) Fowlie 1972)Van den Berg 2008 : Short-stalked Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. briegeri (Blumensch. ex Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: Laelia Briegeri (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. britoi (K.G.Lacerda & V.P.Castro) Campacci: Brito's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais) == S. crispata x S. neomirandae
C. caulescens (Lindl.1841) Van den Berg 2008: Laelia crispilabia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. cernua (Lindl. 1828) Beer 1854: Sophronitis cernua' (Brazil to NE. Argentina). This was the type species for the now defunct genus Sophronitis[6]
Sophronitis cernua var. alagoensis (Gomes Ferreira 1998) (Brazil - Alagoas).
Sophronitis cernua Lindl. var. cernua (Brazil to NE. Argentina) Lindley published this in 1828 as Sophronitis modesta.
C. cinnabarina (Bateman ex Lindl. 1839) Van den Berg 2008: Cinnabar Sophronitis (Brazil - S. Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro).
C. coccinea (Lindl. 1836!)Rchb.f. 1861): Scarlet Cattleya (Brazil to Argentina - Misiones).
C. colnagoi (Chiron & V.P.Castro 2005) Van den Berg 2008: Colnago's Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. conceicionensis (V.P.Castro & Campacci 2002) Van den Berg 2008: Hoffmannseggella of Conceição do Mato Dentro (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
C. crispa (Lindl.! 1828)Rchb.f. 1853: Crisped Laelia (SE. Brazil)
C. crispata (Thunb.1818) Van den Berg 2008: Crisped Cymbidium (Brazil - Minas Gerais), Accepted for many decades by the RHS as Laelia flava Lindl.1839.

Cattleya (Laelia) purpurata

C. dichroma (F.E.L.Miranda 1991) Van den Berg 2008: Two-colored Sophronitis (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro).
C. duveenii nom. illeg. (Fowlie 1988) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Duveen's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais: Serra do Cipó). This is not to be confused with C. x duveenii Pabst & A.Ferreira(1977) == C. guttata x C. harrisoniana
C. endsfeldzii (Pabst) Van den Berg 2008: Endsfeldz's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. esalqueana (Blumensch. ex Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: ESALQ's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. fidelensis (Pabst 1967) Van den Berg 2008: São Fidélis Laelia (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro).
C. flavasulina (F.E.L.Miranda & K.G.Lacerda 2003) Van den Berg 2008: Southern Yellow Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
C. fournieri (Cogn. 1897) Van den Berg 2008: Fournier's Laelia longipes (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
C. ghillanyi (Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: Ghilany's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. gloedeniana (Hoehne 1934) Van den Berg 2008: Gloeden's Laelia (Brazil - São Paulo).
C. gracilis (Pabst 1979) Van den Berg 2008: Delicate Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais: Serra do Cipó).
C. grandis (Lindl. 1859) A.A.Chadwick 2006: Large Laelia (Brazil - SE. Bahia to N. Espírito Santo).
C. harpophylla (Rchb.f. 1873) Van den Berg 2008: Sickle-leaf Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais to Espírito Santo).
C. hispidula (Pabst & A.F.Mello 1978) Van den Berg 2008: Finely Bristled Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. hoehnei Van den Berg 2008: Hoehn's Cattleya (Brazil - Espírito Santo). Hoehn originally described this (in 1938) as Laelia mixta
C. itambana (Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: Itambé Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. jongheana (Rchb.f. 1872) Van den Berg 2008: Jonghe's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. kautskyana (V.P.Castro & Chiron 2003) Van den Berg 2008: Kaustsky's Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Espírito Santo).
C. kettieana (Pabst 1976) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase: Kettie's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
C. lietzelburgii (Schltr. 1921) Van den Berg 2008: Bahian Sophronitis (Bahia Laelia).
C. liliputana (Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: Dwarf Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais: Serra do Ouro Branco).
C. lobata Lindl. 1848: Lobed Cattleya (SE. Brazil.) Known for decades as Laelia lobata
C. longipes (Rchb.f. 1863) Van den Berg 2008: Long-foot Laelia (SE. Brazil - Serra do Cipó).
C. lundii (Rchb.f. & Warm. 1881) Van den Berg 2008: Lund's Laelia (Bolivia to Argentina - Misiones, Salta).
Sophronitis lundii f. alba (L.C.Menezes) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase
C. mantiqueirae (Fowlie 1972) Van den Berg 2008: Mantiqueira Sophronitis (SE. Brazil).
C. marcaliana (Campacci & Chiron 2002) Van den Berg 2008: Marçal's Dungsia (Brazil - Bahia).
C. milleri (Blumensch. ex Pabst 1973) Van den Berg 2008: Miller's Sophronitis (Brazil - Minas Gerais).

Cattleya (Laelia) sincorana

C. munchowiana (F.E.L.Miranda 1999) Van den Berg 2008: Munchow's Laelia (Brazil - Espírito Santo).
C. mirandae (K.G.Lacerda & V.P.Castro 2005) Vam dem Berg 2008: Miranda's Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. neokautskyi (Pabst 1970) Van den Berg 2008: Kautsky's Laelia (SE. Brazil)
C. pabstii (F.E.L.Miranda & K.G.Lacerda 2003) Van den Berg 2008: Pabst's Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
C. pendula (R.C.Mota, P.L.Viana & K.G.Lacerda 2003) Van den Berg 2008: Hanging Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Minas Gerais)
C. perrinii Lindl. 1838: Perrin's Cattleya (SE. Brazil)
C. pfisteri (Pabst & Senghas 1975) Van den Berg 2008: Pfister's Laelia (Brazil - Bahia).
C. praestans (Rchb.f. 1857) Van den Berg 2008: Spectacular Laelia (SE. Brazil)
C. presidentensis (Campacci 2005) Van den Berg 2008: President's Hoffmannseggella (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. pumila Hook. 1838: Dwarf Cattleya (SE. & S. Brazil)
C. purpurata (Lindl. & Paxton 1852) Van den Berg 2008: Purple Laelia (SE. & S. Brazil)
C. pygmaea (Pabst 1976) Van den Berg 2008: Small Orange Sophronitis (Brazil - Espírito Santo).
C. reginae (Pabst 1975) Van den Berg 2008: The Queen's Laelia (Brazil - Minas Gerais).
C. sanguiloba (Withner 1990) Van den Berg 2008: Red-lobed Laelia (Brazil – Bahia)
C. sincorana (Schltr 1917) Van den Berg 2008: Sincorá Laelia (Brazil - Bahia).
C. tenebrosa (Rolfe 1893) A.A.Chadwick 2006: Dark Laelia (Brazil - SE. Bahia to Espírito Santo).
C. verboonenii (F.E.L.Miranda 1993) Van den Berg 2008: Verboonen's Laelia (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro).
C. virens (Lindl. 1844) Van den Berg 2008: Green Laelia (SE. Brazil)
C. wittigiana (Barb. Rodr. 1878) Van den Berg 2008: Wittig's Sophronitis (Brazil - Espírito Santo).
C. wittigiana f. candida (Roeth & O.Gruss 2005) Van den Berg 2008
C. xanthina (Lindl. 1859) Van den Berg 2008: Yellow Laelia (Brazil - Bahia to Espírito Santo).


Natural Hybrids

Cattleya × brasiliensi (= C. bicolor × C. harrisoniana) (Brazil) .
Cattleya × brymeriana (= C. violacea × C. wallisii) (N. Brazil).
Cattleya x calimaniorum Chiron & V.P.Castro (NE Brazil)
Cattleya × colnagiana (Brazil).
Cattleya × dayana (= C. forbesii × C. guttata) (Brazil).
Cattleya × dolosa (= C. loddigesii × C. walkeriana): Dolose Cattleya, Crafty Cattleya, Deceitful Cattleya (Brazil).
Cattleya × dukeana (C. bicolor × C. guttata) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × duveenii ( = C. guttata × C. harrisoniana) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × gransabanensis (= C. jenmanii × C. lawrenceana) (Venezuela).
Cattleya × gravesiana (= C. lueddemanniana × C. mossiae) (Venezuela).
Cattleya × guatemalensis (= C. aurantiaca × C. skinneri) : Guatemalan Cattleya (SE. Mexico to C. America); see Guarianthe
Cattleya × hardyana ( = C. dowiana var.aurea × C. warscewiczii): Hardy's Cattleya (Colombia).
Cattleya × hybrida (= C. guttata × C. loddigesii) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × imperator ( = C. granulata × C. labiata) (NE. Brazil).
Cattleya × intricata (=. C. intermedia × C. leopoldii) (S. Brazil).
Cattleya × isabella (.= C. forbesii × C. intermedia) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × itatiayae (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × joaquiniana ( = C. bicolor × C. walkeriana) (Brazil) .
Cattleya × kautskyi (= C. harrisoniana × C. warneri) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × lucieniana ( = C. forbesii × C. granulosa) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × measuresii ( = C. aclandiae × C. walkeriana) (E. Brazil).
Cattleya × mesquitae ( = C. nobilior × C. walkeriana) (Brazil).
Cattleya × mixta ( = C. guttata × C. schofieldiana) (Brazil).
Cattleya × moduloi (C. schofieldiana × C. warneri) (Brazil).
Cattleya × patrocinii (= C. guttata × C. warneriana): Patrocinio's Cattleya (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × picturata ( = C. guttata × C. intermedia) (SE. Brazil).
Cattleya × resplendens ( = C. granulosa × C. schilleriana) (NE. Brazil)
Cattleya × scita (= C. intermedia × C. tigrina) (S. Brazil).
Cattleya × tenuata (= C. elongata × C. tenuis) (Brazil) .
Cattleya × undulata ( = C. elongata × C. schilleriana) (Brazil).
Cattleya × venosa (= C. forbesii × C. harrisoniana) (Brazil).
Cattleya × victoria-regina ( C. guttata × C. labiata) (NE. Brazil).
Cattleya × wilsoniana ( = C. bicolor × C. intermedia). (Brazil).
Cattleya × zayrae V.P.Castro & Cath (Bahia, Brazil)


















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