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Cymbidium 40 Pages




Cymbidium aliciae
Alicia's Cymbidium
Cymbidium aloifolium
Aloe-Leafed Cymbidium
Cymbidium atropurpureum
Black Purple Cymbidium
Cymbidium bicolor
Two-Colored Cymbidium
Cymbidium borneense
Borneo Cymbidium
Cymbidium chloranthum
Green Flowered Cymbidium
Cymbidium cochleare
Spoon-Shaped Cymbidium
Cymbidium cyperifolium
Cyperus-Like Leafed Cymbidium
Cymbidium dayanum
Day's Cymbidium
Cymbidium devonianum
Devon's Cymbidium
Cymbidium elongatum
Elongate Cymbidium
Cymbidium elegans
Elegant Cymbidium
Cymbidium ensifolium
Cymbidium With The Sword Shaped Leaves
Cymbidium erythraeum
Red-Spotted Lip Cymbidium
Cymbidium erythrostylum
Red Column Cymbidium
Cymbidium finlaysonianum
Finlayson's Cymbidium
Cymbidium floribundum
Many Flowered, Small Cymbidium
Cymbidium goeringii
Goering's Cymbidium
Cymbidium hookerianum
Hooker's Cymbidium
Cymbidium insigne
Splendid Cymbidium
Cymbidium iridioides
Iris-Like Cymbidium
Cymbidium kanran
Cold Growing Cymbidium
Cymbidium lancifolium
Lance-Leafed Cymbidium
Cymbidium lowianum
 Low's Cymbidium
Cymbidium macrorhizon
Long Rhizome Cymbidium
Cymbidium madidum
Moist Forest Cymbidium
Cymbidium mastersii
Master's Cymbidium
Cymbidium multiradicatum
Many Rooted Cymbidium
Cymbidium parishii
 Parish's Cymbidium
Cymbidium qiubeiense
Qiubei Xian Cymbidium
Cymbidium rectum
Erect Cymbidium
Cymbidium roseum
Rose-Colored Cymbidium
Cymbidium sanderae
Sander's Cymbidium
 Cymbidium schroederi
Schroeder's Cymbidium
Cymbidium sigmoideum
"S" Shaped Cymbidium
Cymbidium sinense
Chinese Cymbidium
Cymbidium suave
Grassy Boat-Lip Orchid
Cymbidium suavissimum
Softest Cymbidium
Cymbidium tigrinum
Tiger Striped Cymbidium
Cymbidium tracyanum Tracy's Cymbidium


Cymbidium aestivum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen (Chinese: 夏鳳蘭) (Yunnan, China South-Central)
Cymbidium aliciae (Philippines)
Cymbidium aloifolium: Aloe-Leafed Cymbidium (Chinese: 紋瓣蘭) (Himalaya to W. Malaysia)
Cymbidium atropurpureum (Chinese: 紫中華寒蘭) (S. Thailand, W. & C. Malaysia)
Cymbidium bicolor: Two-Colored Cymbidium (Chinese: 硬葉蘭) (S. China to Trop. Asia)
Cymbidium bicolor subsp. bicolor (S. India, Sri Lanka) Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium bicolor subsp. obtusum (Himalaya to S. China and Indo-China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium bicolor subsp. pubescens (W. & C. Malaysia)
Cymbidium borneense (N. & NW. Borneo)
Cymbidium canaliculatum: Banana Orchid, Queensland Black Orchid, Small Groove-leaf Cymbidium (Chinese: 溝唇蘭) (N. & E. Australia)
Cymbidium chawalongense (Chinese: 察瓦龍綠蘭) (newly discovered in Tibet)
Cymbidium chloranthum: Green-flowered Cymbidium (W. Malaysia)
Cymbidium cochleare (Chinese: 垂花蘭) (E. Himalaya to Taiwan)
Cymbidium concinnum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen (Chinese: 麗花蘭) (Yunnan, SW China)
Cymbidium cyperifolium (Chinese: 莎葉蘭) (Himalaya to S. China and Philippines)
Cymbidium cyperifolium subsp. cyperifolium (Himalaya to S. China).. Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium cyperifolium subsp. indochinense (Indo-China, Philippines). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium dayanum: Phoenix Orchid, Tree Orchid, Day's Cymbidium (Chinese: 冬鳳蘭) (Himalaya to S. Japan and Malaysia)
Cymbidium defoliatum (Chinese: 落葉蘭) (China)
Cymbidium devonianum: Devon's Cymbidium (Chinese: 地旺蘭) (Nepal to N. Thailand)
Cymbidium eburneum: Ivory-colored Cymbidium (Chinese: 獨佔春) (Himalaya to Hainan)
Cymbidium elongatum (NW. Borneo)
Cymbidium elegans (Chinese: 莎草蘭) (SW China)
Cymbidium ensifolium: Four Season Orchid, Golden-thread Orchid, Spring Orchid, Burned Apex Orchid, Rock Orchid (Chinese: 建蘭, 四季蘭) (Trop. & Temp. E. Asia)
Cymbidium ensifolium subsp. ensifolium: Mt. Tu-Wu Fall Orchid (Indo-China to Temp. E. Asia). Pseudobulb, epiphyte
Cymbidium ensifolium subsp. haematodes (S. India to New Guinea). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium erythraeum: Indian Cymbidium (Chinese: 長葉蘭) (Himalaya to SC. China)
Cymbidium erythrostylum: Red Column Cymbidium (Chinese: 紅柱蘭) (Vietnam)
Cymbidium faberi: Multi-flower Orchid, Miscanthus Orchid (Chinese: 蕙蘭, 九華蘭) (Uttaranchal to Taiwan)
Cymbidium faberi var. faberi (C. & S. China, Taiwan). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium faberi var. szechuanicum (Chinese: 送春) (Uttaranchal to SC. China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium finlaysonianum: Finlayson's Cymbidium (Indo-China to Malaysia)
Cymbidium flavum (China)
Cymbidium floribundum: Golden Leaf-edge Orchid, Golden-edged Orchid, Yellow Margin Orchid (Chinese: 金棱邊, 多花蘭) (S. China, Taiwan).
Cymbidium goeringii: Spring Orchid (Chinese: 春蘭) (Himalaya to Temp. E. Asia).
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. goeringii : Goering's Cymbidium (Himalaya to Temp. E. Asia). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. goeringii var. goeringii: Chinese Spring Orchid, Japanese Spring Orchid, Korean Spring Orchid (Chinese: 江浙春蘭, 日本春蘭, 韓國春蘭) (Temp. E. Asia) Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. goeringii var. formosanum: Taiwanese Spring Orchid (Chinese: 台灣春蘭) (Taiwan) Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. goeringii var. forrestii: Yunnanese Spring Orchid (Chinese: 雲南春蘭, 朵朵香) (SW. China) Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. gracillimum : Leek Orchid, Chive Orchid (Chinese: 豆瓣綠, 豆瓣蘭, 綫葉春蘭) (Japan to S. China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. longibracteatum (SC. China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. longibracteatum var. longibracteatum Sword-leaf Spring Orchid (Chinese: 春劍) (SC. China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. longibracteatum var. tsukengensis Mt. Tsukerg Orchid, Snow Orchid (Chinese: 雪蘭) (SC. China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. tortisepalum : Broad-leaf Spring Orchid (Chinese: 菅草蘭) (SC. China to Taiwan) Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. tortisepalum var. tortisepalum (Chinese: 埤亞蘭) (Taiwan). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium goeringii subsp. tortisepalum var. lianpan Miscanthus Orchid (Chinese: 蓮瓣蘭) (SC. China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium gongshanense (Chinese: 貢山鳳蘭) (S. China)
Cymbidium hartinahianum J.B.Comber & Nasution 1977 (N. Sumatra)
Cymbidium hookerianum (Chinese: 虎頭蘭, 青蟬蘭) (E. Nepal to S. China).
Cymbidium insigne: Splendid Cymbidium (Chinese: 美花蘭) (N. Thailand to Hainan)
Cymbidium iridioides: Iris-like Cymbidium (Chinese: 黃蟬蘭) (Himalaya to SC. China)
Cymbidium kanran: Cold-growing Cymbidium (Chinese: 寒蘭) (S. China to S. Japan)
Cymbidium lancifolium: Green-flowered Peacock Orchid, Lance-leafed Cymbidium (Chinese: 兔耳蘭) (Trop. & Subtrop. Asia)
Cymbidium lancifolium var. lancifolium : Green Bamboo-leaf Orchid, Cut-grass Orchid (Trop. & Subtrop. Asia) Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium lancifolium var. papuanum (New Guinea). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium longifolium (Himalaya to SC. China)
Cymbidium lowianum: Low's Cymbidium (Chinese: 碧玉蘭) (China to N. Indo-China)
Cymbidium lowianum var. kalawense (Myanmar). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium lowianum var. lowianum (China to N. Indo-China). Pseudobulb epiphyte
Cymbidium macrorhizon (Chinese: 大根蘭) (N. Pakistan to Temp. E. Asia).
Cymbidium madidum: Buttercup Orchid, Northern Cymbidium, Moist Forest Cymbidium (Chinese: 濕地蘭) (Queensland to N. New South Wales)
Cymbidium maguanense F.Y. Liu: Ivory-colored Cymbidium (Chinese: 象牙白) (Yunnan, SW China)
Cymbidium mastersii: Master's Cymbidium (Chinese: 大雪蘭) (E. Himalaya to China)
Cymbidium micranthum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen (2004) (Chinese: 細花蘭) (Yunnan, China South-Central,temperate Asia)
Cymbidium multiradicatum Z.J.Liu & S.C.Chen (Chinese: 多根蘭) (Yunnan, SW China)
Cymbidium munronianum (E. Himalaya to Assam)
Cymbidium nanulum (Chinese: 珍珠矮) (China (SW. Yunnan, SW. Guizhou), Hainan)
Cymbidium omeiense Y.S.Wu & S.C.Chen (Chinese: 峨眉春蕙) (China, Xichuan)
Cymbidium parishii (S. Myanmar)
Cymbidium qiubeiense (Chinese: 邱北冬蕙蘭) (China)
Cymbidium rectum (Malaysia, N. Borneo)
Cymbidium roseum (W. Malaysia)
Cymbidium sanderae: Sander's Cymbidium (Vietnam)
Cymbidium schroederi (C. Vietnam)
Cymbidium sigmoideum (W. Malaysia)
Cymbidium sinense: Chinese Cymbidium (Chinese: 墨蘭) (Assam to Nansei-shoto)
Cymbidium suave: Snake Orchid (Chinese: 蛇蘭) (E. Australia)
Cymbidium suavissimum (Chinese: 果香蘭) (N. Myanmar)
Cymbidium teretipetiolatum (China)
Cymbidium tigrinum: Tiger-striped Cymbidium (Chinese: 斑舌蘭) (Assam to China).
Cymbidium tracyanum: Tracy's Cymbidium (Chinese: 西藏虎頭蘭) (SE. Tibet to China and Indo-China)
Cymbidium wenshanense (Chinese: 文山紅柱蘭) (China to Vietnam)
Cymbidium whiteae (Sikkim)
Cymbidium wilsonii (Chinese: 滇南虎頭蘭) (China)
This is one of the common orchids, too. Colours are in white, green, yellow, pink, red, etc.

Varieties are like 1902 (yellow), Amaranth (dark pink), Apple Tea (light pink), Ballerina (pink) and Cafeteria (red).
Cymbidium sp.
Family: Orchidaceae
Cymbidium, Large-flowered Hybrids
small shrub 2-5 ft, semi-shade, moderate water, Unusual colored/crimson/vinous,  flowers, yellow/orange flowers pink flowers

Cymbidium plants have evolved water storage organs (pseudobulbs) to withstand periodic, and sometimes prolonged drying in their native habitats. The larger the pseudobulbs, the longer a period of dryness they are equipped to deal with. For this reason, it is recommended that plants in cultivation be allowed to go nearly dry between waterings. Watering once a week is usually sufficient for most plants, unless conditions are excessively hot and/or dry. Smaller plants may require watering every 4-5 days during most of the year, until they are more mature. At cooler times of the year, plants may be left a little longer between waterings.

Cymbidium Cymbidium Cymbidium

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