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Encyclia 81 Pages


Encyclia adenocarpa
Swollen Fruit Encyclia
Encyclia adenocaula
Rough Stemmed Encyclia
Encyclia advena
Advent Encyclia
Encyclia aenicta
Bronze Encyclia
Encyclia alata
Winged Encyclia
Encyclia altissima
Very Tall Encyclia
Encyclia amanda
Lovely Encyclia
Encyclia ambigua
Ambiguous Encyclia
Encyclia amicta
Two-Horned Encyclia
Encyclia aspera
Rough-Stalked Encyclia
Encyclia asperula
Asperulous Encyclia
Encyclia atrorubens
Dark Red Encyclia
Encyclia bracteata
Bracted Encyclia
Encyclia bractescens
Bractescent Encyclia
Encyclia brassavolae
Brassavola-Like Panarica
Encyclia candollei
Candole's Encyclia
 Encyclia cardimii
Cardim's Encyclia
Encyclia ceratistes
Horned-columned Encyclia
Encyclia chapadensis
Chapada dos Viadeiros Encyclia
Encyclia chiapasensis
Chiapas Encyclia
Encyclia chloroleuca
Green & White Encyclia
Euchile citrina
Tulip Orchid
Encyclia cochleata
Cockle Shell Anacheilium
Encyclia cordigera
Large-lipped Encyclia
Encyclia cyperifolia
Sword-leafed Encyclia
 Encyclia dichroma
Two-Colored Encyclia
Encyclia dickinsoniana
Dickinson's Encyclia
Encyclia diota
Two-eared Encyclia
Encyclia diurna
Daytime Encyclia
Encyclia diota
Two-eared Encyclia
Encyclia duveenii
Duveen's Encyclia
Encyclia edithiana
Edith's Encyclia
Encyclia expansa
Expanded Encyclia
Encyclia flabellifera
Fan-Carrying Encyclia
Encyclia flava
Yellow Encyclia
Encyclia fowliei
Fowlie's Encyclia
Encyclia fragrans
Fragrant Encyclia
Encyclia fucata
Brown Veined Encyclia
Encyclia gallopavina
Peacock-Like Encyclia
Encyclia glumacea
Chaffy Anacheilium
Encyclia gracilis
Graceful Encyclia
Encyclia guatemalensis
Guatemalan Encyclia
Encyclia hanburyi
Hanbury's Encyclia
Encyclia howardii
Howard's Encyclia
Encyclia inaguensis
Inagua Encyclia
Encyclia incumbens
Aromatic Encyclia
Encyclia kennedyi
Kennedy's Encyclia
Encyclia longifolia
Long-Leafed Encyclia
Euchile mariae
Marie's Epidendrum
Encyclia megalantha
Giant-Flowered Encyclia
Encyclia meliosma
Honey-sweet Encyclia
Encyclia microbulbon
Brown Veined Encyclia
Encyclia mooreana
Moore's Encyclia
Encyclia naranjapatensis
Naranjapata Encyclia
Encyclia neurosa
Nerved Prosthechea
Encyclia ochracea
Ochre Yellow Encyclia
Encyclia oestlundii
Oestlund's Encyclia
Encyclia osmantha
Fragrant Encyclia
Encyclia parviflora
Alata-like Encyclia
Encyclia pastoris
Veined Pollardia
Encyclia patens
Sweet-scented Encyclia
Encyclia pauciflora
Encyclia pauciflora
Encyclia phoenicea
Phoenician Encyclia
Encyclia plicata
Pleated Encyclia
Encyclia pollardiana
Pollard's Encyclia
Encyclia polybulbon
Many Bulbed Encyclia
Encyclia powellii
Starry Alanje Encyclia
Encyclia profusa
Profuse Encyclia
Encyclia randii
Rand's Encyclia
Encyclia replicata
Folded Lip Encyclia
Encyclia rufa
Bahama Encyclia
Encyclia seidelii
Seidel's Encyclia
Encyclia selligera
Saddle-lipped Encyclia
Encyclia spatella
Spatulate-Petaled Encyclia
Encyclia spiritusanctensis
Espirito Santo Encyclia
Encyclia tampensis
Tampa Encyclia
Encyclia trachycarpa
Rough-fruited Encyclia
Encyclia unaensis
Una Encyclia
Encyclia varicosa
Veined Pollardia
Encyclia withneri
Withner's Encyclia
Encyclia yauaperyensis
Yauapery Encyclia


Encyclia adenocarpon
Encyclia adenocaula
Encyclia advena Brade (1935) 2n = 40[1]
Encyclia aenicta Dressler & G.E.Pollard 1971.
Encyclia alata
Encyclia altissima - islas Turks y Caicos
Encyclia amanda (Ames) Dressler 1971.
Encyclia ambigua (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914
Encyclia amicta (L.Linden & Rchb.f.) Schltr. 1919
Prosthechea apuahuensis (Mansf.) Van den Berg
Encyclia aspera (Lindl.) Schltr. 1918
Encyclia asperula Dressler & G.E.Pollard 1974
Encyclia atrorubens (Rolfe) Schltr. 1918
Prosthechea borsiana (Campacci) Campacci
Encyclia bracteata
Encyclia bractescens
Encyclia brassavolae (Rchb.f.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia candollei (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914
Encyclia cardimii Pabst 1977
Encyclia caycencis Islas Turks y Caicos
Encyclia ceratistes (Lindl.) Schltr. 1919
Encyclia chapadensis Menez. 1992
Encyclia chiapasensis Withner & D.G.Hunt 1994
Encyclia chloroleuca (Hooker) Neumann.
Encyclia citrina (La Llave & Lex.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia cochleata (L.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia cordigera
Prosthechea crassilabia
Encyclia cyperifolia
Encyclia dichroma
Encyclia dickinsoniana (Withner) Hamer 1985
Encyclia diota (Lindl.) Schltr. 1918
Encyclia diurna (Jacq.) Schltr. 1919
Encyclia domingensis
Encyclia dressleriana
Encyclia duveenii
Encyclia edithiana L.C.Menezes 1996
Encyclia elegantula Dressler
Encyclia expansa (Rchb.f. ) P.Ortiz 1991
Prosthechea faresiana (Bicalho) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia flabellifera Hoehne & Schltr. 1926
Encyclia flava (Lindl.) Porto & Brade 1935
Encyclia fowliei
Encyclia fragrans (Sw.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia fucata (Lindl.) Britton & Millsp. 1920
Encyclia gallopavina (Rchb.f.) Porto & Brade 1986
Encyclia glumacea
Encyclia gracilis (Lindl.) Schltr. 1915
Encyclia granitica
Encyclia guatemalensis
Prosthechea greenwoodiana (Aguirre-Olav.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia hanburii (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914
Encyclia howardii
Encyclia inaguensis - Islas Turks y Caicos
Encyclia incumbens
Encyclia ionosma (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914.
Encyclia isochila (Rchb.f.) Dod 1986
Encyclia kautzkii (Pabst) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia kennedyi
Encyclia kingsii (C.D.Adams) Nir 1994.
Encyclia kundergraeberi
Encyclia jauana (Carnevali & I.Ramírez) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia lancifolia
Encyclia lindenii (Lindl.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia longifolia (Barb.Rodr.) Schltr. 1914
Encyclia lorata Dressler & G.E.Pollard 1974
Encyclia macdougali
Encyclia mariae (Ames) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia megahybos (Schltr.) Dodson & Hágsater
E. megalantha (Barb.Rodr.)
Encyclia meliosma (Rchb.f.) Schltr. (1918)
Encyclia microbulbon
Encyclia microtos (Rchb. f.) Hoehne (1952)
Encyclia moojenii (Pabst) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia mooreana (Rolfe) Schltr. (1914)
Encyclia naranjapatensis Dodson (1977)
Encyclia nematocaulon (A.Rich.) Acuña (1939)
Encyclia neurosa (Ames) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia ochracea ( Lindl. ) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia oestlundii
Encyclia oncidioides (Lindl.) Schltr. (1914)
Encyclia ortgiesii
Encyclia osmantha (Barb.Rodr.) Schltr. (1914)
Encyclia ovulum
Encyclia parviflora (Regel) Withner 1998
Encyclia pastoris (Lex.) Espejo & López-Ferr.
Encyclia patens Hook. 1830
Encyclia pauciflora
Encyclia phoeicea
Encyclia phoenicea
Encyclia plicata Britton & Millsp. 1920
Encyclia pollardiana
Encyclia polybulbon (Swartz) Dressler 1961
Encyclia powellii
Encyclia profusa (Rolfe) Dressler & Pollard 1971
Encyclia punctifera (Rchb.f.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia pygmaea (Hook.) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia pyriformis (Lindl.) Schltr. 1914.
Encyclia randiana Linden & Rodg. Withner 2000
Encyclia randii
Encyclia remotiflora
Encyclia replicata
Encyclia rufa Islas Turks y Caicos
Encyclia seidelii Pabst 1976
Encyclia selligera (Bateman ex Lindl.) Schltr. 1914
Encyclia sintenisii
Encyclia spatella (Rchb.f.) Schltr. 1924
Encyclia spiritusanctensis L.C.Menezes 1991
Encyclia stellata
Encyclia suaveolens Dressler 1971
Encyclia subulatifolia
Encyclia suzanensis (Hoehne) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia tampensis
Prosthechea tardiflora Mora-Ret. ex Pupulin
Encyclia trachycarpa
Encyclia triangulifera (Rchb. f.) Acuña 1939.
Encyclia truncata
Encyclia unaensis
Encyclia varicosa (Bateman) W.E.Higgins
Encyclia wageneri
Encyclia withneri
Encyclia xipheres
Encyclia xuxiana
Encyclia yauaperyensis
Encyclia is a genus of orchids. The genus name comes from Greek enkykleomai ("to encircle"), referring to the lateral lobes of the lip which encircle the column. The abbreviation in the horticultural trade is E.

The epiphytic genus occurs in Florida, Bahamas, West Indies, Mexico and tropical America in forests in lowlands and at altitudes to 1000 m. The distribution of the species is more or less evenly spread throughout this area.

The terminal leaves grow from thickened pseudobulbs. The flowers arise from an apical inflorescence. This genus is pollinated by bees and birds. There are normally eight pollinia, but in some subgroups this is reduced to four.

Cladistic research has shown that Encyclia sensu stricto is monophyletic. This genus was originally included in Epidendrum until William Jackson Hooker separated it from that genus in 1828.

The genera Euchile, Prosthechea and Dinema were separated from Encyclia, based on a morphological analysis (Higgins, 1997)

The genus Sulpitia Raf. is a synonym of Encyclia.

There are a number of intergeneric hybrids with Encyclia. Most intergeneric hybrids using Encyclia species used the Genus Epidendrum for naming. This has recently changed.

Encyclia tampensis (Lindl.) Small, is the common "Butterfly Orchid" of peninsular Florida. It also occurs in the Bahamas & Cuba. It has an unusual beauty and has proven to be of exceptional value in orchid hybridizing.


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