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Phalaenopsis amabilis Lovely Phalaenopsis


Lovely Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis amabilis


Phalaenopsis amabilis [L.] Blume 1825 SUBGENUS Phalaenopsis SECTION Phalaenopsis Benth 1883 Photo courtesy of Dick Brubaker.

Common Name The Lovely Phalaenopsis [This is the national Flower of Indonesia]

Flower Size to 4" [10 cm]  Fragrant

This is a medium sized, hot to warm growing, robust, epiphytic native of northern Australia, Indonesia, Papua & New Guinea, the Philippines and New Britain occuring at elevations up to 600 meters in rainforests on trunks and branches overhanging rivers, swamps and streams with a short, pendulous, robust stem enveloped by imbricating leaf bases and carrying 3 to 5 fleshy or coriaceous, arcuate, pendant, ovate-elliptic, obovate to oblong-oblanceolate, obtuse to subacute, shiny green leaves that blooms on a slender, to 3' [90 cm] long, racemose or panicualte, laxly few to many flowered inflorescence that has small scarious, triangular bracts and color and size variable, fragrant, showy, long-lasting flowers occuring in the spring through summer. It recieves more light than the average Phal. You can tell if it is receiving the proper light levels if the leaves have a slight reddish cast.

Synonyms Angraecum album majus Rumph 1750; Cymbidium amabile [L.]Roxb. 1832; *Epidendrum amabile L. 1855; Phalaenopsis amabilis subsp. moluccana (Schltr.) Christenson 2001; Phalaenopsis amabilis var aphrodite subvar gloriosa [Rchb.f] Ames 1908; Phalaenopsis amabilis var. aurea (auct.) Rolfe 1886; Phalaenopsis amabilis var. cinerascens J.J.Sm. 1917; Phalaenopsis amabilis var fournieri Cogn. 1898; Phalaenopsis amabilis var gracillima Burb. 1882; Phalaenopsis amabilis var grandiflora [Lindl.] Batem 1867; Phalaenopsis amabilis var. moluccana Schltr. 1911 ; Phalaenopsis amabilis var ramosa van Deventer 1935; Phalaenopsis amabilis var rimestadiana Linden 1901; Phalaenopsis amabilis var rimestadiana alba Hort 1906; Phalaenopsis aphrodite var gloriosa [Rchb.f] Veitch 1891; Phalaenopsis celebica Vlooten 1932 ; Phalaenopsis gloriosa Rchb.f 1888; Phalaenopsis grandiflora Lindley 1848; Phalaenopsis grandiflora var. aurea auct. 1864; Phalaenopsis rimestadiana [Linden] Rolfe 1905; Phalaenopsis rosenstromii F.M. Bailey 1906; Phalaenopsis xelisabethae Hort. 1927; Synadena amabilis [L.]Raf. 1836