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Phalaenopsis appendiculata Small Appendage Phalaenopsis


Small Appendage Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis appendiculata


Phalaenopsis appendiculata Carr 1929 SUBGENUS Parishianae [Sweet] Christensen 2001 Photo by Tan Eng Tiek

Common Name The Small Appendage Phalaenopsis [refers to the longitudinal rows of teeth lateral to the 2 central calli on the lip]

Flower Size

Found in penninsular Malaysia only in the state of Pahang on mossy tree branches near streams and rivers as a hot to warm growing, miniature epiphyte occuring on small branches with a very short stem carrying 2 to 4, elliptic to oblong-elliptic, acute or obtuse leaves with a petiolate clasping base and blooms on a short, few flowered, suberect, racemose, 2" [5 cm] long inflorescence with successive flowers occuring in the spring. The photo is of a seedling 10 months after germination flowering in the flask.

Synonyms Polychilos appendiculata [Carr] Shim 1982