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Phalaenopsis honghenensis Honghen Phalaenopsis


Honghen Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis honghenensis


Phalaenopsis honghenensis F.Y. Liu 1991 SUBGENUS Aphyllae [Sweet] Christ 2001 Photo courtesy of Eric Hunt, Plant grown by Marni Turkel, shown at the 2 Apr 2002 San Francisco Orchid Society Meeting..

Common Name The Honghen Phalaenopsis - In China Hong He Hu Die Lan

Flower Size 1 3/8" [2.9 cm]

Found in Yunnan province of China at elevations of 2000 meters as a miniature sized, cool growing epiphyte with warty roots giving rise to a stem carrying 1 to 2, obliquely elliptic, acute, persistent sheathing base leaves that blooms in the spring on a racemose, 3" [7.7cm] long, simple, few [3 to 6] flowered inflorescence with ovate floral bracts

CAUTION This species is very close to P braceana and may turn out to be so so use with caution.