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Phalaenopsis parishii Parish's Phalaenopsis


Parish's Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis parishii


Phalaenopsis parishii Rchb. f. 1865 SUBGENUS Parishianae [Sweet] Christensen 2001 Photo by Lourens Grobler

Full shade Hot Spring

Common Name Parish's Phalaenopsis [English Orchid Collector 1800's - Burma]

Flower Size under 3/4" [under 2 cm]

Found as a miniature, hot to warm growing, miniature epiphyte in the eastern Himalayas, Assam India, Myanamar, Thailand and Vietnam at lower elevations to 500 meters on moss covered trees overhanging streams with elliptic to obovate, fleshy, pendant, leaves and blooms on an arching, 2 to 4 3/4" [5 to 14 cm] long, lightly fractiflex, racemose or rarely paniculate, few to several, densly flowered inflorescence with small floral bracts and 5 to 6 flowers that opens simultaneously occuring in the spring.

Synonyms Aerides decumbens Griff 1851; Grafia parishii [Rchb.f] Hawkes 1966; Polychilos parishii (Rchb. f.) Shim 1982