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Phalaenopsis stobartiana Stobart's Phalaenopsis


Stobart's Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis stobartiana


Phalaenopsis stobartiana Rchb. f. 1877 SUBGENUS Aphyllae [Sweet] Christ 2001

Common Name Stobart's Phalaenopsis [English ORchid Enthusiast 1800's] - In China Dian Xi Hu Die Lan

This is a miniature sized, hot growing epiphyte occuring at elevations of 800 to 900 meters in forests on tree trunks in Yunnan China with a large root system carring oblong-lanceolate, acute leaves that blooms in the later spring and early summer on a arching to pendant, to 8" [20 cm] long, racemose inflorescence that carries ovate, concave, acuminate floral bracts and 7 to 9 flowers.

Synonyms Kingidium stobarianum (Rchb. f.) Seidenf. 1988; Phalaenopsis wightii var stobartiana [Rchb'f] Burb 1882; Polychilos stobartiana (Rchb.f.) Shim 1982