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Phalaenopsis zebrina Zebra-Like Phalaenopsis


Zebra-Like Phalaenopsis, Phalaenopsis zebrina


Phalaenopsis zebrina Teijsm. & Binn. 1862 SUBGENUS Polychilos SECTION Zebrinae Pfitz 1889 Photo courtesy of Nik Fahmi and his Vortex Orchid Page.

Common Name The Zebra-Like Phalaenopsis [refers to the barring on the sepals and petals]

Flower Size 1.4" [3.5 cm] Fragrant

Found in Burma, Thailand, penninsular Malaysia, Borneo and Sumatra at elevations around sea-level as a miniature to small sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte with a short stem carrying 3 to 5, oblong to obovate, broader in the apical half, narrowing below into the clasping base leaves that blooms in the spring and summer on an erect to arcuate, simple, terete, 4" [10 cm] long, few [5] flowered inflorescence with small, triangular, concave floral bracts carrying 2 to 3, nicely fragrant flowers open at a time.