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Salacca zalacca
Snake palm
Palem salak Palmae

Salacca zalacca, Snake palm,	Salak


Salacca zalacca, Snake palm,	Salak

Salak (snake fruit) is a dioecious lepidocaryoid palm belongiSalacca zalacca, Snake palm,	Salakng to the Arecaceae family and is indigenous throughout the Indo-Malaysian region. It is an almost stemless, non-climbing, spiny, tillering plant cultivated for its fruits. The fruits are consumed fresh, candied or canned when fully ripe. In this stage the flesh is firm and sweet. Unripe fruits are usually sour and astringent and used for pickles. The palm thrives principally in shade and moist soil under humid conditions and is, therefore, a suitable intercrop, especially for small-scale farmers.Salacca zalacca, Snake palm,	Salak