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Zamia furfuracea Jamaica sago   Cycadaceae

Zamia furfuracea, Jamaica sago


Zamia furfuracea, Jamaica sagoThis is a genus of palm-like plants called cycads. They are distributed through the West Indies, throughout Florida and Georgia in the USA, Mexico, Colombia and other parts of South America. Cycads grow in sandy coastal areas, on rocky cliff faces and under canopies of trees. There are thought to be about 60 species, although the genus is in need of revision as a number of species are as yet undescribed. They usually have a short subterranean or above-ground trunk, and longz arching fronds divided into leaflets. The leaflets are usually flat and smooth; some have toothed or serrated margins and appear fern-like. Male and female cones are borne on different plants and vary in shape. The stems in some species have been used as a source of edible starch.
Hardiness zone from 10 To 12
Plant Spread From approx. 60 To 120 cm
Plant Height approx. 30 cm
Cultivation: These cycads are generally suited to a wide range of climates, but grow best in the tropics and subtropics. Some will tolerate alkaline soils and a few are marginally frost tolerant; the remainder are frost tender. Grow in full sun or part-shade in well-drained soil; water liberally during growth and sparingly at other times. They make excellent container plants. Propagate in spring from fresh seed after removing the fleshy outer covering.