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Nerium oleander Oleander Bunga jepun, Kenyeri Apocynaceae

Nerium oleander, Oleander, Kenyeri


Nerium oleander, Oleander, Kenyeri

Depending on the cultivar selected, these plants can groNerium oleander, Oleander, Kenyeriw from 6-12 ft (1.8-3.5 m) tall. As the species is often used for hedging, it is wise to keep the varying growth habits of the cultivars in mind if a uniform appearance is wanted.
The blooms can be single or double, and some cultivars have variegated foliage.
Some popular cultivars include Album with single, white flowers and a cream center; Little Red with single red flowers; Luteum Plenum with creamy yellow double flowers; Mrs Fred Roeding with salmon-pink double blooms and a relatively small growth habit; Petite Pink with single pale pink flowers and growing only to 3-6 ft (1-1.8 m) tall; Punctatum, a vigorous plant with single, pale pink blooms; Splendens Variegatum with pink double flowers and variegated gold-green foliage borne at the expense of the profuse flowering habit of its parent Splendens; Algiers has flowers with the darkest red color available; and those of Madonna Grandiflora are double and white. Casablanca (syn. Monica) has single, very pale pink, almost white flowers.
Flowering colors: Cream, Pink, Red, White, Yellow
Cultivation: Plant these shrubs in full sun and in well-drained soil.
If they get overgrown and leggy, they can be rejuvenated by severe pruning .
Propagate from seed or from cuttings.