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Sanchezia speciosa Sanchezia Sansesia Acanthaceae

Sanchezia speciosa, Sanchezia, Sansesia


Sanchezia speciosa, Sanchezia, Sansesia	Synonym(s):Sanchezia speciosa, Sanchezia, Sansesia
Sanchezia nobilis
This species has multicolored flowers with yellow petals, bright red bracts and purple stems in summer. An erect, evergreen shrub, it has glossy leaves with white or yellow veins.
Flowering colors: Red, Yellow
Cultivation: Species of Sanchezia do best in full sun in fertile, well-drained soil. Young plants should be tip pruned to encourage a branching habit. Propagate from cuttings in spring or summer. They areSanchezia speciosa, Sanchezia, Sansesia	prone to attack by scale insects.