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Brunfelsia australis Yesterday today and tomorrow   Solonaceae

Brunfelsia australis, Yesterday today and tomorrow,


Brunfelsia australis, Yesterday today and tomorrow,

This is an attractive shrub growing to about 8 ft (2.4 m) tall and almost as wide, with a densely twiggy habit and slightly shiny leaves that are often purplish when young and in cool weather.
At peak flowering, it bears masses of blossoms which open violet and fade to pale blue then white, all colors on the bush at the same time.
It does well in coastal gardens as long as salt spray is not too heavy.
Cultivation: These shrubs need full sun or with afternoon shade, and fertile, well-drained soil with adequate water in summer or during dry spells.
They do well in pots.
Prune after flowering to promote bushiness.
Propagate from tip cuttings.
Mealybug and white fly may present problems.