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Bauhinia splendens Orchid tree Pohon kupu kupu Leguminosaceae

Bauhinia-splendens, Orchid tree, Pohon kupu kupu


Bauhinia-splendens, Orchid tree, Pohon kupu kupu

This is a variable genus of legumes, consisting of some 250 species of evergreen and dry-season deciduous trees, shrubs and climbers, occurring in most tropical and subtropical regions of the world.
Some botanists take a narrower view of the genus, splitting off about two-thirds of the species into other genera.
All have characteristic 2-lobed leaves, but they are grown for their beautiful perfumed flowers whose likeness to orchids or butterflies has given rise to the common names of several species.
The flattened brown seed pods that follow often persist on the branches for months.
Flowering colors: Cream, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow
Other properties: Fragrant
Cultivation: Full sun and light, fertile, well-drained soil suit them best.
Pruning is not usually necessary, but vigorous growth may be thinned out after flowering.
Propagate from seed.