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The Natural Healer
The Dukun, Balian in Balinese
 A "Balian" means a healer in Balinese language. Each of them has some specific capabilities ranging from healing bone injuries and various physical pains to healing sufferings located on a psychological level. According to the Balian body and soul are working together and should be treated all together.
Treatments include special healing massages, meditation, exorcism, special diets and some things that in the modern world we would consider as "magic". Well, this is no “magic” but an ancestral knowledge of using the invisible powers around us. Falling in love is a good example that we have all experienced: there is often not much to explain about it and might be considered as "magic", isn't it?

There are many specialists: Dukun Bayi-Midwives, Pijat-Masseurs, Prewangan-Mediums, Petungan-Numerologists, Sihir-Sorcerers, Susuk-Specialist who cure by inserting golden needles under the skin, Japa-Curers who rely on spells, Jampi-Curers who employ herbs and other native medicines (remedies), Siwer,terang,-Specialists in preventing natural misfortune. (keeping rain away, Tiban-Curers with temporary powers as a result of being entered by a spirit, Temanten-Wedding specialist.

When you look in the gardens from the Dukuns
you find many medical plants.
An important tree there is the Morinda Citrifolia,
The painkiller tree, pohon Menkudu....
Various parts of the tree (leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, roots) serve as tonics and to contain fever, to treat eye and skin problems, gum and throat problems as well as constipation, stomach pain, or respiratory difficulties, heated noni leaves applied to the chest are believed to relieve coughs, nausea, or colic. The noni fruit is taken, for asthma, lumbago, and dysentery. As for external uses, unripe fruits can be pounded, then mixed with salt and applied to cut or broken bones, ripe fruits are applied to draw out pus from an infected boil. The green fruit, leaves and the root/rhizome have traditionally been used to treat menstrual cramps and irregularities, among other symptoms, while the root has also been used to treat urinary difficulties.
And so you have hundreds of special plants in the jungle......
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