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Catharanthus roseus Rose periwinkle Tapak dara Apocynaceae

Catharanthus roseus, Rose periwinkle, Apocynaceae , Tapak dara


Catharanthus roseus, Rose periwinkle, Apocynaceae , Tapak dara	In its original form this shrubby perennial is a rather slender plant about 24 in (60 cm) high, with rose pink flowers shading to a darker red eye in the center.
Blooming almost throughout the year.
Some mixed color series have flowers ranging from purple through pink to white, while others have mainly pale colors (or white) with prominent red eyes.
All parts of the plant contain poisonous alkaloids from which drugs of value in the treatment of leukaemia have been refined.Traditionally, Catharanthus roseus has been used in folk medicine to treat diabetes and high blood pressure. As an antidiabetic remedy, it was believed to promote insulin production or to increase the body's utilization of sugars from food.It contains vincristine a costly medicin,value US$ 6000/gram
Cultivation: In warm climates they will tolerate moderately both deep shade and the fiercest sun, and a dry atmosphere.
Grow in free-draining soil, which should be kept moist in the growing period.
Tip prune to keep bushy, but not so heavily as to inhibit flowering.
Propagate from seed or from cuttings.