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c Blue olive berry Anyang Anyang Elaeocarpaceae


Elaeocarpus grandiflorus, Blue olive berry, Elaeocarpaceae, Anyang Anyang

Shrub or small tree with a dense crown of foliage, and an approximately conical form. The masses of white and sometimes pinkish flowers are arranged in rows along the branchlets. They are cup-shaped with a fringed edge, giving them the dainty appearance of small hanging skirts, hence the attractive common name of 'Fairy Petticoats'. These small flowers, about 1" long, also have an unusual liquorice scent. Fruit is drupe, purple/blue, ovoid, with a thin layer of flesh. Seed, one, encased in hard, rough stone. It is an ideal tree for the garden as it needs little maintenance to thrive, surviving well in low nutrient and dry soils (although it performs best when well watered). This species grows in a range of light intensities, from shade through to full sun.
Medical use: Crushed bark is used for poultcing persistent ulcers. Leaf decoction drunk as general tonic and used for Bllious afflictions. The leaves for traditional drug against syphilis. It has mild diuretic properties to relieve bladder stones and painful urination in general.