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Oxalis corniculata Yellow wood sorrel Calingcing Oxalidaceae


Oxalis corniculata, Yellow wood sorrel, Oxalidaceae, Calingcing

It has a narrow, creeping stem that readily roots at the nodes. The trifoliate leaves are subdivided into three rounded leaflets and resemble a clover in shape. Some varieties have green leaves, while others have purple leaves.The leaves have inconspicuous stipules at the base of each petioles.
The fruit is a narrow, cylindrical capsule, 1 to 2 cm long and noteworthy for its explosive discharge of the contained, 1 mm long seeds.
This species is cosmopolitan in its distribution, and its place of origin is unknown. It is regarded as weed in gardens, agricultural fields, and lawns.
The leaves of wood sorrel are quite edible, with a tangy taste. A drink can be made by infusing the leaves in hot water for about 10 minutes, sweetening and then chilling. The entire plant is rich in Vitamin C. Although wood sorrel is safe in low dosages, it must be noted that if eaten in large quantities over a length of time it can inhibit calcium absorption by the body.
Medical use: Aerial part employed as hemostatic, stomatitis, diuretic, emmenagogue, anti-inflammation, antiscorbutic and as eyedrops for itching lid; fight against cough,hepatitis, hypertension and urithritis. Against boils and itchiness, Apply for burns., figths common warts and counters ringworm. Apply on wounds. and used as anti-perspirant.