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Phyllanthus Niruri Hurricane weed Meniran Euphorbiaceae


Phyllanthus Niruri, Hurricane weed, Euphorbiaceae, Meniran

Phyllanthus niruri is an annual, herb; height varies between 3060 cm. Stem is angular with numerous distichous, elliptic-oblong leaves. Flowers are yellow and very numerous; monoecious with 13 staminate flowers and solitary pistillate flower borne axillary. Fruits capsule, very small, globose, smooth, seeds 3-gonous, longitudinally ribbed on the back. Seed to seed cycle occurs in two or four weeks.
Medical use:Its root, leaves, fruits, milky juice, and whole plants are used as medicine. It is considered acrid, cooling , alexipharmic and useful in thirst, bronchitis, leprosy, anemia, urinary discharge, anuria, biliousness, asthma, for hiccups, and as a diuretic.Herb is stomachic and good for sores and useful in chronic dysentery. Fruits useful for tubercular ulcers, wounds, sores, scabies and ring worm. The fresh root is believed to be an excellent remedy for jaundice. A poultice of the leaves with salt cures scabby affection and without salt applied on bruise and wounds. The milky juice is a good application to offensive sores. The bark yields a bitter principle phyllanthin. The infusion of the root and leaves is a good tonic and diuretic when taken cold in repeated doses. In many parts of India, it is commonly used for the treatment of snake bite.