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Tectona Grandis Teak Tree Jati Verbenaceae

Tectona Grandis, Teak Tree, Verbenaceae, Jati


Tectona Grandis, Teak Tree, Verbenaceae, Jati

Harvested for use since the early nineteenth century by the British, particularly for shipbuilding and fine furniture, this species is still regarded in Europe as a timber for quality furniture.
As a result of its early use, many of the largest teak trees have disappeared from the wild. Where space allows, it makes a fine specimen tree and will grow up to about 80 ft (24 m); its large, rounded leaves grow to 24 in (60 cm) long and have wavy edges and prominent veins. In summer, the bluish white flowers are borne in large, upright, misty clusters up to 15 in (38 cm) across.
The fruit are fleshy, plum-like berries.
Flowering colors: Blue, White
Cultivation: These trees require high rainfall, heat, humidity and deep, rich soil to make good growth.
Propagate from seed or cuttings.
Medical use: Wood powder paste used against Bllious headaches and swellings and internally against dermatitis or as a vermifuge. Charred wood soaked in poppy juice and made into a paste was used to relieve the swelling of eyelids.Bark has been used as an astringent and the wood oil as a hair tonic. Decoction of fresh and dried leaves for menstrual disorders, for hemorrhages, taken as gargle for sore throat. Flowers and seeds are dieuretic. Oil of the nut for making the hair grow and soothes itches of the skin. Counters inflammation.